Farming is a Big Part of Deerfield's History and Future

Deerfield Township Farmers of the Year and Farm Heritage Award Recipients 2019


From it's founding in 1979, the Harvest Festival included recognition of farmers in the Township. They are a big part of the history of this rural, agriculture community and play an important part in the economy and in  the future.  Farms contribute significantly to the quality of life found here. In 2018, all past farmers of the year were honored on stage and in the parade.

Farmers of the year and farm heritage award recipients



In the 1970s, Sam Pipitone Jr., deeply rooted in southern New Jersey’s farming and family traditions, followed his grandfather and father’s footprints joining the family-owned farming business in Rosenhayn. By 1981, Sam founded F&S Produce Co., taking the next step beyond just growing produce. That decision has become a success story for the area, adding to the township’s proud history of farming and farm-related business. Starting from zero, F&S currently processes over 120 million pounds of fruits and vegetables, sourcing locally when available. 

This year, under the leadership his son, Sam III, F&S Produce returned to its family-farming roots and began its own vegetable farming division, growing produce used in its production to make it a true Farm-to-Fork operation.

Today, F&S is comprised of three processing plants - two located in Rosenhayn and one in Vineland. With the purchase of the former Progresso plant in Vineland in 2017, F&S added an additional 550,000 sq. ft. to its operation for a total of 675,000 sq. ft. Sam also owns Pipco Transportation, a 50-plus truck operation which delivers refrigerated and frozen products throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. He bought the former LoBiondo Trucking facility in Rosenhayn for this operation and to serve as Pipco’s transportation headquarters, which includes a Truck Service Center on Landis Avenue. 

Mid-Eastern Cold Storage, a 60,000 sq. ft. warehouse with capabilities that include blast freezing and frozen storage located in Vineland, was added to provide cold storage space for F&S in 2009. All three companies combine to be a leader in innovation of new techniques in processing, fulfilling, and exceeding food safety regulations. By working with local, national and international growers, F&S ensures consistent quality in its produce year-round, with multiple quality checkpoints built into the processing system from receiving to final product delivery.




2019: Farm / Ag Business of the Year: F & S Produce

2018: All Past Farmers of the Year and Farm Heritage Award winners were recognized.

2017: Cedar Rose Vineyards - Dustin Tarpine, Steven Becker, Robert Becker, Sam Pipitone and Dom Romano, Partners

2016: DiFranco Nursery, LLC - Rosolino and Charles DiFranco & Family

2015: Southwind Vineyard & Winery- Lorre Allen & Joseph Riley

2014: Ned’s Honey, LLC – Ned & Doris Morgan

2012: Vernon Smith & Family - Chris Smith's Tree Farm

2011: Joe Olsen - J & J Family Green Houses

2010: Sal Tedesco - Sunnyside Farms

2009: Double J Farms, John Molinelli & Jim Simoni

2008: Dave and Patricia Finley - Forevergreen Tree Farm

2007: Cosmo and Angel Paladino - Big Oak Nursery

2006: Leroy and Dorothy Smith - Highline Farms

2005: Umberto and Charlotte Bifulco and Family Bifulco Farms

2004: Anthony Sparacio Jr. & III Families - Maple Valley Nurseries

2003: Morris Gould - Three Oak Farms

2002: John Visconti, II -  Visconti Farms

2001: Jules and Betsy Perlstein and Family - County Line Nurseries

2000: Nate Bisconte Farm - Nate & Verna Bisconte

1999: Wenger Farms - Jim and Barbara Wenger

1998: Pellegrino Benny LaSala

1997: Gasper P. Sparacio

1996: Anthony G. Pipitone

1995: Nate Sparacio and Sons

1994: Saul and Isaac Levin & Family - Levin Farm

1993: Frank & Vincent Paladino & Family - Paladino Farms

1992: Joseph and Anna Sparacio & Family - Parkside Farms

1991: Sam, Frank and Dom Buono and Families - Buono Farms


2009: Frank &, Dom Buono and  Families - Buono Farms

Frank & Josephine Paladino and Family - Paladino Farms

Joseph V. Sparacio and Family - Parkside Farms 

2008: Sam and Millie Pipitone and Family - Adamo Pipitone & Sons Farm

2007: Louis Pizzo and Family - Six Point Farms

The late Issac Levin received the Deerfield Township Farm of the Year Award in 1994. He is pictured with his daughter Pearl, Twp. Committeeman Aaron Kazan and Recreation Committee member John O'Brien. He was one of the many hard working farmers who contributed to the Township's rich farming history.


The late Gaspar Sparacio received the Farm of the Year Award in 1997. He is pictured with Twp. Committeewoman Phyllis Ladota and his son.


Farm Heritage Award Recipients in 2009 included Buiono Farm, Parkside Farms and Paladino Farms. Double J Farms was 2009 Farmer of the Year. In the photo, left-right: Roy Spoltore, Festival Chairman, Twp. Committeeman Cosmo Laurella, Jennie Buono, Frank Buono, Phyllis Buono, Dominick Buono, Joseph V. Sparacio, John Molinelli, Jim Simoni and Twp. Committeeman John Stanzione.